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Viveros Agroriente, Moyobamba, Las Orquídeas más bellas del mundo...!!


Tingana, Tuesday 23 of January of the 2018


Tingana Magic is a product of Angaiza Tour Operator E.I.R.L., and is the first tourist enterprise at Moyobamba’s city , developing and promoting the tourism at this region.

All our services are without taxes (igv), according to the amazon law.

We have gathered the traditional tourist concepts with ecologic adventure and living ways, due to the different destinies that the alto mayo region can bring you.

All our services are brought considering all inclusive concept. we have well trained personnel and counts with English, German and French interpreters.


* Our web page has been developed thanks to a team of professionals:

- Luis Pinedo Rodríguez (Photo Prism - Moyobamba)
- José Noriega Rojas
- Patricia Gil Mendoza

To those who the company is thankful by proportionate the photographic material.

* We want to dedicate a special mention to the people in charge and ordered of the design and elaboration of our page Web in charge of the gentlemen:

- Daniel Enrique Luna Espinoza - Creative Director Tingana Magic.
- Team of creative designers of moyobambaPERU.com

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