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Moyobamba, Noticias, Fotos, Chat, Galería, Postales, Orquideas, Alto Mayo, San Martin, MSN...

Viveros Agroriente, Moyobamba, Las Orquídeas más bellas del mundo...!!


Tingana, Tuesday 23 of January of the 2018


Ecologic, adventure and solidary tourism

Jungle – San Martin – Moyobamba – Alto Mayo.

7 days / 6 nights – all included



-welcome at the Jorge Chávez International Airport – Lima – Perú

-Transportation to hotel in Lima

-Transportation from hotel to airport, for flight to jungle region

-Look for other destinies to travel in Perú



Welcome at Tarapoto's city airport

Transportation to the city of Moyobamba. An interesting drive along the highway where you will see beautiful scenes, rivers and tours.

Arrival to Moyobamba city located at 860 m.a.s.l., point of departure of our tour.

Check in at hotel of your choice

Welcome dinner



Meet our local guide at Hotel

Visit to San Mateo's thermal baths (6 am). Hot water pools ,with water coming out of the ground at temperatures between 38° - 40° C, located in the Rocky Hills of San Mateo, 5 minutes away from the city of Moyobamba

Breakfast at Hotel

Lahuarpia Cascades. An unforgettable trip through the jungle, until we reach the Lahuarpia Cascades Circuit. We will enjoy walking effortlessly through the domains of beautiful cascades, with a bit of emotion and adventure.

Visit to the “Pila de San Antonio”, a natural water fountain which is part of this enjoyable circuit

Lunch at a Recreo

Rest at the Hotel




Meet our local guide at the Hotel

Rios Avisado – Tingana (departure at 5 am*). A river trip you will never forget until we reach the ecological reserve of Rio Avisado – Tingana, where you will experience the local vegetation and wildlife at it's fullest

Travel along the Avisado River in a native canoe through it's virgin jungles and enjoy the wonders of the enchanted forest with walking trees.

Have breakfast and lunch attended by local settlers in a specially conditioned shelter for visitors, inside the reserve.

Visit the sugar cane factory. On the way back we will experience local knowledge in the production of “aguardiente” made out of sugar cane. “Aguardiente” is a strong liquor produced in the region, used for the elaboration of local drinks, similar to the “cañazo” of the Peruvian Andean region and the “cachaza” of Brazil.

Return to the city




Breakfast at the Hotel

Meet our tour guide at the Hotel

Tioyacu River. Watch the birth of a river, with crystal clear waters that emerge from a hillside forming natural mirrors of water. Here you can enjoy a small paradise surrounded by dense vegetation and rocky formations.

Visit to the Yacumama Tourist Center. A tourist resort that owes its name to a legend about a gigantic snake that keeps the lagoon's water that surround the place. Here you can visit a small zoo with animals from the region and other attractions.

Lunch at the Restaurant

Visit to “Chu Chu Center” tourist bar. An attractive bar in the middle of the countryside, ideal for children an adult entertainment. Well known for its specially elaborated exotic drinks made out of fruits, barks and roots that grow in the region presented in the most pure style of international bars.

Visit to Rioja City. This is the ending of our tour, we will enjoy the coziness of the city of Rioja and it will known handicraft.

Return to Moyobamba City.




Breakfast at the Hotel

Meet our local tour guide

Tropical garden. Visit our beautiful garden, that has an extension of about 2 hectares, built at a natural canaveral that surrounds the city.

Inside its boundaries you will enjoy, enchanted and poetic landscapes were butterflies and little singing birds fly above a variety of native vegetation ,at the verge of extinction, that has been carefully preserved by human intervention. This constitutes a wonderful opportunity to observe an study extinct flower, and learn the curing properties of plants and other interesting aspects.

City Balcones – An interesting and relaxed walk around the natural places of the city were you can interact with the local lifestyle. Wakanqui, guided walk observing orchids in its natural environment, along with the observation of other wild flowers and other attractions of the place. Moyobamba is renowned as the Capital of the Orchids in Perú, due to the many native varieties it has.

Lunch at the Recreo

Visit places to enjoy exotic drinks and buy native handicraft




Breakfast at the Hotel

Meet our tour guide at the Hotel

A voyage in search of El Dorado; a very interesting trip through the deep jungle watching and enjoying a great variety of wild flowers, exotic vegetation, birds and butterflies all the way to the intersection of the rivers Serranoyacu and Aguas Verdes. There, because of the different colors of their waters you can watch an spectacular natural show of color. In our way we will discover other attractions along the waters of the Aguas Verdes river.

Lunch at a local Restaurant, participating in the daily life of the regions settlers. Going back to the jungle, this time though a dirt road, we will penetrate in the deepness of a mountain were we will visit “Las Cavernas del Diamante”. We will follow our guide to the interiors of this caverns, visiting the seven galleries on the inside with stalagtites an stalagmites formations.

Return to the city




Breakfast at the Hotel

Meet on local guide at the Hotel

Transportation to the folkloric city of Lamas, were we will visit the Kechua Wuayku Barrio, where local people descend from the ancient Chanca culture, we will get in touch with their way of life and culture. A visit to the Ethnological museum is programmed too.

Lunch at the high esplanades of Lamas

Transportation to Tarapoto city airport.

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This package includes:

-Accommodation in hotel, transportation and tickets to places included in program.

-Breakfast lunch and dinner

-Permanent assistance by our guide for any city inquiry.

-Visit to the San Mateo Thermal Baths, during visitors free time.


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