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Tingana, Tuesday 23 of January of the 2018

An unforgettable trip to the ecological reserve of Rio Avisado Tingana. One of the last places in the world where nature shows it's wisdom and charm at maximum expression.

Enjoy this location deep in the heart of Alto Mayo (department of San Martin). That besides being the habitat of different kinds of wildlife and trees, keeps the spirit of an ancient culture that has survived time.

While sailing on a native canoe through the Avisado River , the amazonia will seduce our senses. Pichicos, howling cotos, failecillos, tities and other monkey species will play on top of the exuberant trees, giving us a noisy welcome ritual. Near it's shores, river squirrels, añajes, coaties, anteaters, ronsocos and other mammals will hide while birds sing from their nests. There are around 120 bird species in the reserve.

In this place, where it is told that trees walk on top of the river waters, you will live the experience of enjoying typical local meals in a specially conditioned shelter for visitors, inside the reserve, attended by settlers of the region.

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